Karin Fernald

For our October 4th ’23  meeting we will welcome back Karin Fernald who is an actor, writer and speaker, known for her entertaining lectures on celebrated writers, correspondents and diarists from the l8th to early 20th centuries.   She will speak about Benjamin Robert Haydon, a celebrated artist known for his large scale epic paintings. Her talks are illustrated with a wide variety of pictures, portraits and caricatures.  Karin’s background is in theatre, where she has worked with such great names as  Sir Ralph Richardson and  Robert Morley.  Her solo show on  Frances (Fanny) Burney, novelist and diarist, has been performed worldwide.  Her children’s book on the childhood of Queen Victoria, THE DUMPY PRINCESS, was shortlisted for a Young Quills literary award and is now available on the web.  She has visited Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane,  where  she performed her  show  on the juvenile works of Jane Austen, WE FAINTED ALTERNATELY ON THE SOFA, for the Jane Austen Society of Australia. She is an accredited speaker for The Arts Society.