In addition to the usual excellent three course meal prepared by our organiser Louise, we were very fortunate this year to be entertained by our patron, Simon Brett.

Simon is well-known for his parodies and puns and he kept us laughing throughout the evening.

His offerings included a trawl through the wastepaper baskets of some famous writers where he ‘found’ first drafts of poems and novels including some by T S Eliot, Raymond Chandler, Wordsworth and Jane Austen.

He gave us a parody of the popular Scandinavian novels and television series with ‘The Girl with the Unpronounceable Name’ by ‘Turgid Glumsdottir’ and finished up with ‘Under Murder Wood’, Dylan Thomas’s only effort at crime writing.

It seems that society members are a well-read lot as, from the applause and laughter, most of us ‘got’ the writer and work being parodied.