AGM + “Entries and Exits” Play


At our November meeting, after a briskly conducted AGM,  Robbie was thanked for all her hard work on the Newsletter over the past 20 years,  and presented with a garden voucher.  Simon Brett then entertained us with his one man play Entries and Exits. The “Entries” were diary entries and the “Exits” murders.  He played all the parts, assuming different voices and persona for each character, as he moved from one lecturn to another, picking up the diaries for each character in turn. Somehow he managed to get it all in the correct order as the plot followed a seemingly dimwitted suitor, his lady love and encounters with assorted upper crust  family members and  acquaintances.  A murder or two ensues and the real guilty party, when revealed, proves to be a surprise! Simon’s lively reading provoked laughter and amusement from an appreciative audience. Once again our patron proved his skills in writing and performance. Thank you Simon!